Welcome to The Hangout

The Hangout Child and Youth Development Center is one of a kind!  The Hangout is a State of the Art Facility with over 8,000 square feet dedicated to school age children in grades Kindergarten and up.  This is not your “traditional daycare”.  Childcare has officially been taken to the next level!  Children will have the opportunity to engage in activities in areas that were specifically designed just for them.  Time to move on from the days where the classroom had to be filled with so many different activities in order to support each child’s interests.  Each area in this facility is dedicated to a specific activity.

Club Time  – Children will enjoy a variety of activities in this area such as Science, Math, Art, etc.  Each day brings new activities available for these children that love a challenge and want to try “New” things!

Computer Lab, Homework Room & Library – Sometimes children need “Down Time”.  They will most definitely be able to enjoy a quiet atmosphere here.  Do they have homework they need/want to do, projects on the computer or do they just want to hang out and read a good book?  So many choices!

Construction Zone – Building, building, and more building!  A child’s dream zone is here!  What child doesn’t love legos, wood blocks and anything else they can use to manipulate and make creations?  Endless amounts of fun are guaranteed in this zone with only your Imagination as the limit!

Theater –  This area doubles when it comes to Theater time.  Not only is this a great place to hang out and watch a fun movie but the children have the opportunity to put on their own plays! Complete with a stage for acting, what child wouldn’t have fun dressing up and creating their own plays?  Lights, Camera, Action!

Dramatic Play – Playing “House” is fun, but it’s much more fun when furniture is your size.  The children are going to go crazy with this custom built kitchen designed just for them! They can play house, restaurant, work in the office, or even take care of the babies in the nursery…….the play is endless here and only stops with their imagination!  They will have hours of fun doing what they love best!

Game Gateway – Air Hockey, Board Games, Foosball, Ping Pong…..you name it, we’ve got it! Children will love the excitement of being able to play whatever game they want.  Playing games hasn’t ever been this much fun!

Indoor Playground – Need we say more?  I think every adult can agree that children seem to have endless amounts of energy.  They are sure to get their energy out when stepping in this room.  We feature a customized commercial playground that is sure to keep them going for hours on end.  They will only leave this playground when they are too exhausted to keep going!

In addition, the children will have access to a 9,000 sq foot gym where they are able to play basketball, dodgeball, soccer, volleyball, etc.  Bored…not a chance!!!


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